Sidegra Side Effects

Sidegra Side Effects: Not Easy to Purchase Online and Too Pricey

Brand: Sidegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: GPO

Country of Manufacture: Thailand

Sidegra Package Image

Review and Description

Sidegra side effects are not to be overlooked before considering this brand. Sidegra is one of the formulated ED drugs being considered by over 140 million men worldwide to treat impotence. Erectile dysfunction has greatly affected their lives negatively, leading to depression and low self-esteem. Even if a permanent cure has not yet been discovered, ED can be alleviated by using appropriate drug therapy.

There have been quite a number of impotence drugs being advertised online today, but Sildenafil Citrate is considered to be one of the most successful and widely used treatments. It is the same active ingredient present in Viagra and accounts for approximately half of the total sales of prescribed ED medication. Sildenafil has a huge share of the market because it is really effective. It works really fast with minor or no side effects.

Sildenafil works by acting against phosphodiesterase type 5. It helps relax or dilates the blood vessels to the penis, thus allowing more blood to pump into the organ. This will then make an erection easier to achieve and sustain all throughout the sexual act.

In most cases, 100 is the highest dosage being allowed for men every day. But, it is still best to let your physician determine the appropriate dosage for you. This will be based on your overall health, considering the other drugs you are also taking, and how well your body will respond to the treatment. Most beginners would start on a smaller dose.

Sidegra is made by GPO in Thailand. The organization started in 1937. It was part of the Department of Medical Science, the Ministry of Public Health. Its main mission was to do research on herbal products since modern drugs were not widely used in Thailand back then and most had to be taken from other countries. A few years after, it was turned into an independent company that produces drugs to supply local people, helping to decrease importation.

Since then, GPO has been a great contribution to the Thai society in offering a better quality of life through a production and supply of high-quality drugs at reasonable prices. It never stopped from formulating and improving to meet the world’s standards to become the best manufacturer not just in the whole of Thailand, but also worldwide.

Customer Reviews

It was quite a challenge to look for a legit review about Sidegra. I have found one commenter on just a single site stating that this product was effective.

Jone said, “That was great ready for midnight pleasures” The review was posted in 2015.

I would like to believe that this medication is indeed effective and safe for consumption, considering that it makes use of Sildenafil Citrate as its active component and its manufacturer is one of the leading groups in Thailand

I would like to believe that this medication is indeed effective and safe for consumption, considering that it makes use of Sildenafil Citrate as its active component and its manufacturer is one of the leading groups in Thailand. However, we cannot just base our recommendation on a single comment that is likewise out of date. For now, it is still advisable to look for other brands that have more users and reviews online.

Pricing and Dosage

Sidegra is available with a high dose of 100 mg. Each pack contains 12 tablets. Each tablet would cost you $6.5, which is costly as compared to other brands being promoted as an alternative to Viagra.

Sidegra contains the highest dose available for Sildenafil

Sidegra contains the highest dose available for Sildenafil. Therefore, this drug should only be taken once daily. An overdose may lead to serious side effects.

How to Buy Sidegra Online

Sidegra, which is locally produced in Thailand, is not widely distributed internationally. You will not even find e-stores that sell and ship it outside their country. This could explain why there have not been many reviews about the product. Though it looks effective, if people cannot purchase it easily, then they will have to look for another brand.

One of the favorites is Fildena. It works exactly the same as Sidegra and the cost is even cheaper. It is available in different dosages, which is suitable for beginners who cannot tolerate 100 mg. The price is also cheaper. You can get a pill for a little less or more than a dollar. Shipping cost for international delivery may vary depending on your location.

Check the links below if you are interested to get Fildena:

How to Use

Check the patient information leaflet included in the box of the drug before taking Sildenafil or the prescription given by your doctor.

Take this drug by mouth with or even without food, one daily. Never go beyond 100 mg per day to avoid life-threatening side effects.

Do not drink this with other heart medications, especially nitrates, as it may cause a sudden decrease in your blood pressure.

Alcohol and Grapefruit are prohibited as they delay its effect.

Store at room temperature and keep it out of reach from children.

Side Effects

Headache, dizziness, flushing, and stomach upset are common minor side effects of Sildenafil. Vision changes like sensitivity to light may also appear but are rare. These symptoms normally subside even without medical help.

Permanent blindness or deafness may occur during overdosing. If any of these occurs, stop taking the drug immediately and visit the nearest hospital or your doctor.

Painful or prolonged erection is also not normal.

Severe allergic reactions also require medical attention.

Conclusion with Rating

Sidegra could be the next life-saving treatment for ED patients if only they could purchase it easily on the market. Limiting its distribution to Thailand would not make it a drug of choice for ED. Its cost is likewise too high, which is what most patients are avoiding with Viagra. Though there has been a good review about the product and its manufacturer is well known in all over Thailand, they aren’t enough to recommend Sidegra as of now. GPO should find a way to make this brand well tested across countries before it can be proven safe and effective. Until then, it should only have a low rating of 2 out of 5.

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