Sidegra Dosage

Sidegra Dosage: The Best ED Medicine of Thailand

Brand: Sidegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: GPO

Country of Manufacture: Thailand

Sidegra Package Image

Review and Description

Sidegra is an ED medicine that contains the salt of Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient. This drug is from Thailand. According to their website, this is so far, the safest and most effective erectile dysfunction medicine produced in South East Asia. Sidegra Dosage contains 100mg of Sildenafil. It is available in tablet form. This is sold in packs. Sildenafil, the active ingredient used in making Sidegra was the active ingredient used in making Viagra as well. It is believed then that this generic Viagra medicine has the same effect as the more expensive Pfizer Viagra.

Sidegra is a product of GPO or the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand. This is a government-owned pharmaceutical company. Their aim is to produce, manufacture and provide affordable and safe medicines to the Thai people. It started operating in 2011 and since then, this organization has netted 1.6B baht. This government-owned Pharma Company has 2812 employees as of 2016 working at their two government-owned factories. GPO has a market in Nigeria, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Ghana, Bhutan, Somalia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Customer Reviews

When buying a new product for the first time, the first thing we do check is its manufacturer. Who made it? If the manufacturer has a good background, the next thing we do is to check the product itself and what do users have to say about it. We searched for people that could have used it before and what do they have to say about this ED medicine.

The first customer review we found for Sidegra was from Kevin. He gave it a 5-star rating saying that it was highly effective. Kevin added that he really liked this drug.

The first customer review we found for Sidegra was from Kevin. He gave it a 5-star rating saying that it was highly effective. Kevin added that he really liked this drug.

The first customer review we found for Sidegra was from Kevin. He gave it a 5-star rating saying that it was highly effective. Kevin added that he really liked this drug.

Jone was the second user we found and he wrote that it worked great, especially for him who always love midnight pleasures.

Kevin and Jone seem to be impressed with Sidegra and they both gave it a 5-star rating.

Pricing and Dosage

Since it is a product of GPO or the government of Thailand, we are thinking that perhaps the price is very affordable for this ED treatment. This drug is obtainable in 100mg dosage and 50mg dosage. Take a dosage accordingly.

Sidegra Dosage is sold in packs

Sidegra Dosage is sold in packs. This medicine costs $19 for a box of four, which hence a tab costs $4.75. This is a generic version of Viagra hence we find it to be on a higher side. There are a lot of generic Viagra medicines that you can find online for as low as $2 so why spend for a $5 generic ED product?

How to Buy Sidegra Online

Being produced in Thailand by a government-run pharmaceutical company, we assume that this drug is sold to government agencies only and local pharmacies in Thailand and nearby countries. For this reason, we don’t really expect to see Sidegra dosage being sold in some international online pharmacies that offer ED medicines. We are not wrong!

After checking a number of  reliable e-stores that we often use, we conclude that this ED drug is not obtainable worldwide. If your target is a  Sildenafil Citrate based ED medicine and Sildegra is not available, we highly recommend Fildena. Fildena is a generic Viagra that you can rely on.

You can find this ED treatment from these e-shops:

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How to Use

Sildegra is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction hence avoid it if you do not have a problem with your erection. Do not take this medicine if you are already taking another ED drug such as Viagra. Take this drug accordingly or as rprescribed, that is depending on the prescription that your doctor has given you.

It is available in 50mg and 100mg dosages. The initial dosage is often at 100mg and if you feel like it is too much, you can reduce your dosage to 50mg. This drug should be consumed once a day and it can be consumed even if you have not eaten yet. Take it at least an hour before having any sexual activity.

Side Effects

Taking Sidegra dosage doesn’t cause any adverse reaction. There are customers who shared having some not-so-serious side effects though like getting a headache and experiencing runny nose. These are common side effects of sildenafil-based drugs. Do not take any medicine to relieve pain or to treat your runny nose.

There are serious reactions associated with using Sidegra dosage such as difficulty breathing and feeling persistent pain on arms and body. If you notice any and it doesn’t disappear after 48 hours, better consult a doctor. Stop taking Sidegra as well.

Conclusion with Rating

This generic Viagra Sidegra is a drug used to treat impotence among men. It contains sildenafil formula and it enables the penile muscle to maintain an erection and hold it longer. This medicine according to its users is very effective. Sidegra is a brainchild of GPO.

GPO has a presence in some countries in East Asia. However, despite having a market outside of the country, this ED medicine is still not widely available and is difficult to find, especially with trusted online pharmacies. Since most e-stores don’t have this on their shelves, it is hard to purchase this medicine.

According to its users, Sidegra is an effective drug to treat erectile dysfunction. We would gladly try it if we can get our hands on it, just to try it. For its price though, we don’t think we would be purchasing this medicine for my ED prescription refill. If we need to spend $4 for an unbranded Viagra, we might go with something that is easier to find and is from known manufacturers like Novartis or Pfizer. For these reasons, Sidegra is given af 3 out of 5 stars rating.

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